What are Web Textbooks ?

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Most online textbooks are too complex. Reading, listening, video, activities, assessments, and other learning components are scattered across different browser tabs and web sites. Navigating and accessing the content often gets in the way of teaching and learning. And with poor service and support, an instructor wastes valuable time wrestling with technology, figuring things out on their own, and helping students to stay on track. Our titles feature a complete and rigorous textbook online and a comprehensive set of discipline specific learning tools, assignments, and assessments. All courseware elements are integrated, easy-to-use and expertly supported.

Digital courseware & textbook solutions are only valuable when they fit in with, and complement existing teaching and learning workflows. Technology should be effortless.

features & content

Our DNA is technology and learning, but, like any publisher, we rely on subject matter experts such as authors, advisors, and editors. Our formula for great content:

  • Authors are experienced college instructors
  • Authors are subject matter experts in their field
  • Webtexts are born digital and built for the web
  • Rich, subject-specific teaching and learning tools
  • Comprehensive, integrated quizzes, exams, and assignments blur the line between a textbook and an online course
  • Fully customizable and we do all the work for you


Great design is essential. To benefit from all the web has to offer, our webtexts are meticulously crafted for:

  • Easy and intuitive navigation (nobody gets lost)
  • Seamless integration of text and non-text elements
  • Linear design with our unique pre-built calendar
  • Right amount of text. Read less, do more.
  • Born digital – which means built for the web and not converted from print
  • Modular design for easy mixing and matching form across our catalog

full service

Technology can innovate the traditional textbook, but only if it is carefully integrated, effortless to use, and has expert & accessible support. This is a big deal, and we are great at this. No other publisher even comes close, because no other publisher started as a technology and instructional design company. Everybody at our company is empowered to talk to customers and do whatever it takes to create a great experience for them. Our customers are students, instructors, and stakeholders in academic success and instructional efficiency. Read about the C4E difference here, and come discover why over 95% of our students and instructors rate our content and service as exceptional. Review today for adoption tomorrow!