Our music webtexts will engage your students and simplify course management for your online, hybrid, or face-to-face course. As easy to adopt as any textbook, they are based on the work of experienced academic authors and designed for an exceptional and engaging learning experience.


Request Reviewer AccountAdoption FAQAt C4E, we work to innovate the music textbook, while keeping the technology out of your way & easy-to-use. Review today for adoption tomorrow!

Technology can elevate traditional textbooks, increase student engagement, and enhance instruction, but only if it is carefully integrated, effortless to use, and has expert & accessible support.

Most online music textbooks are too complex. Reading, listening, assessments, and other learning components are scattered across different browser tabs and web sites. Navigating and accessing the content often gets in the way of teaching and learning. Music Appreciation Online TextbookAnd with poor service and support, an instructor wastes valuable time wrestling with technology, figuring things out on their own, and helping students to stay on track.

Digital courseware & textbook solutions are only valuable when they fit in with, and complement existing teaching and learning workflows. Our music titles feature a complete and rigorous textbook online (a webtext), and a comprehensive set of discipline specific learning tools, assignments, and assessments. Built into our powerful, yet easy to use platform, all courseware elements are integrated and easy-to-use.

Read about the C4E difference here, and come discover why over 95% of our students and instructors rate our content and service as exceptional. Review today for adoption tomorrow!


Academically rigorous, yet accessible and designed for the web from the start, we deliver a complete webtext with the most music for your online, hybrid, or face-to-face course. No other publisher has been creating online resources for higher education music courses as long as C4E. Click here to see a list of schools who use our titles.

Features and Benefits:

Music – We offer more music than any other music textbook or web-companion site on the market. Furthermore, in many of our titles, students are not only allowed but encouraged to download the music to their local computer or music player so they can listen and practice while they are offline.

Online Music Dictionary – OnMusic titles offer integrated access to the Online Music Dictionary. This C4E exclusive resource provides definitions, pronunciations, images, audio, and much more.

Discover Video – Carefully selected videos in every chapter reinforce student understanding and increase engagement. Our video applet keeps students on the page and on task.

Listening Guides – Our listening guides are truly interactive, easy to understand, and like everything else in our titles, they are fully integrated, making for an uninterrupted, logical, and focused learning experience.

Tests and Quizzes – OnMusic titles contain a comprehensive set of auto-graded assessments (quizzes and tests) with constantly growing test banks and anti-cheating measures built in. All testing is fully integrated and flows naturally from the text.

Assignments – Pre-built written assignments and discussion forums are included and ready to use. Simply edit, add, or remove content to create your preferred customization.

Customizable – Easily tailor the adopted webtext to fit your class schedule, term length, and learning objectives. Or better yet, let us do all of that for you!

Effortless Course Management – Robust, yet easy-to-use administrative features are included at no cost. We host on our secure platform removing administrative overhead and IT burden for your school.

Additional Features – Profiles (composers, conductors, producers, etc.), period maps, on-screen playable keyboards, scores, worksheets, mobile listening, video assessment, collaboration, and instructor guides, plus much more are added features to our webtexts.

Support – 95% of all students and instructors rate our support and service as “exceptional.”


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Getting started is simple! Our webtexts are as easy to adopt as regular textbooks. Just complete the course setup form, and we will set up everything for you and your students.

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