About Us

About Connect for Education

Connect For Education (C4E) was incorporated in 2001 with the goal of becoming the most effective Constant Learning Companion for teachers and students. This ambition was driven by a passion for education and the conviction that the smart application of technology profoundly impacts how people teach and learn.

Passion, boldness, and vision brought our first title to market: OnMusic Appreciation. With OnMusic Appreciation, a company of only few members emerged as a formidable market competitor in the discipline, and a market leader in web-based, interactive course materials for college. How did we gain such credibility so quickly?

Four guiding principles:

(1) creating products that integrate powerful technology and great content
(2) building an intuitive, effortless interface & toolset that fit existing teaching/learning workflows
(3) offering exceptional service for students and instructors from day one
(4) building a college teaching and learning community

It turns out professors and students were more than ready to embrace the innovative learning and teaching paradigm we developed. Students felt challenged with the content, and found the interactive learning experience fun, engaging, and meaningful. Both students and instructors also quickly discovered that our super responsive and dependable support team is always there to assist them every step of the way, and that our webtexts are reliably available 24/7.

We continue to develop interactive webtexts that keep setting new standards as they replace and transcend traditional printed textbooks. We are your teaching partner that cares about what and how you teach. We would love for you to experience the C4E Difference.