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Welcome to Connect for Education

Searching for digital teaching materials to meet the diverse needs of your students and faculty?

Connect For Education publishes college-level webtexts with high-quality academic content and fully-integrated, interactive, and customizable digital components. We can also collaborate with your instructors and IT staff to customize these webtexts to meet your instructional needs. From OnMusic Appreciation and OnMusic Fundamentals to Discovering Sociology and Dimensions of Public Speaking, Connect For Education delivers the most effective course materials available anywhere.

All of our webtexts are written and reviewed by respected academics and scholars who work closely with our team of instructional designers, editors, and software engineers. Each webtext provides an optimal learning environment for instructors and students complete with all the learning and administrative tools you need to start teaching. Our webtexts have been successfully adopted and implemented for online, traditional classroom, or hybrid/blended delivery at hundreds of schools nationwide. Click here to see who uses our titles!